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Create a wallet to receive payments and save your earnings safely online.

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Product Pages

Create product pages and send product links to customers for easy and safe payment.

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Get value for your money or services without fear of getting scammed.

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Create a free online store in minutes and let your customers find you.

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  • Access safe and easy payment option

    We provide businesses with an easy way to receive payments and make it safer for shoppers to pay online without fear of getting scammed.

  • Get what you paid for

    We protect shoppers from getting scammed. We release payments only when you’re happy with your purchase.

  • Sell more online with a free online store

    Create customized product pages and upload multiple products for free to your online store. Receive orders whenever, wherever

Trusted by Businesses

Our payment platform is reliable, trustworthy, and seamless. We provide our customers with the safest way to make or receive payment.

Affordable pricing

Paydoor is here to ensure you safely pay and receive payments. We only get paid when we make this happen

2% + NGN 100

We charge a total of 2% on all transactions carried out on the paydoor platform (capped at N2,500)

We also charge a processing fee of N100 on all transactions

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